Our Programs

We’re proud to offer you and your colleagues a wide range of customizable virtual, hybrid,
and in-person events to entertain, engage, and encourage all involved to keep doing their best work.

Visual Conferences

It will likely be some time before the large conferences and trade events that have long served as our networking ground will be back to normal. Our solution is networking experiences that allow these connections to be made in a business-social environment. Intersperse speakers and presentations with fun, engaging breaks from our food and beverage professionals, curate breakout rooms to introduce attendees to each other, and give them the opportunity to meet and speak “face-to-face.”

Meet & Greets

There’s going around the “room” and then there’s a Meet & Greet, curated by Culture With Us, and focused on fostering interpersonal relationships from early in the onboarding process. We’ll create an introductory experience for your new hire (or hires) that encourages them to make memories with their new colleagues right off the bat.

Common Ground

Is your team beer or wine drinkers? Cocktail aficionados? Coffee connoisseurs? Chocolate obsessives? Die-hard trivia night attendees? Let us know what you all have in common, and we’ll create an event centered on building your first conversations and connections in a fun, casual environment.

Hybrid Experiential

When it’s safe to transition back to in-person retreats, don’t leave out those colleagues who can’t make it—invite them along! Everyone can attend our retreat events, so nobody has to miss the fun. Virtual With Us will match your in-person or hybrid (both in-person and remote) group with a program tailored for maximum inclusivity so the memories truly are made together.

Group Activities

Enjoy a virtual escape room, vertical wine tasting, cooking class, or another activity of your choice, and get to know each other as people rather than just faces in a business hours Zoom meeting.

Office Tours

There’s a good chance your new hires have no idea what your office looks like! Provided that all health and safety precautions are taken, offer your colleagues a virtual “group tour” of workspace. Those who have worked in the office before can offer “color commentary” (like conference room nicknames, what’s typically stocked in the kitchen, tips about neighborhood), and those new to the space can ask any questions they have. Even if these colleagues work remotely on a full-time basis, seeing where their co-workers will be returning to might help them feel more connected to the team.

In-Person Retreats

Plan a “glamping” trip in a remote location—from a picturesque Tuscan villa to luxury tents under the Northern Lights—so your team can get together safely and comfortably and build team camaraderie in 2022 and beyond. We could all use something exciting to look forward to! We’ll ensure your location follows the strictest guidelines on health and safety precautions for worry-free travel, and stay up-to-date on any developments that might affect your trip.