Culture With Us world coffee sampler of gourmet artisanal coffees in six 1/2-lb bags of gourmet coffee from the world’s most beloved coffee-growing regions (1) Papua New Guinea: Medium-light roast produces a smooth-tasting and well-balanced cup with a crisp finish. (2) Ethiopia Yirgacheffe: Medium-light bodied, spicy, and fragrant, with a complex fruity-floral flavor reminiscent of strong-brewed tea. (3) Colombia Supremo ‘La Valle Verde:’ Rich and bold, with a balance of body and acidity that highlights its clean finish and light mocha notes. and (4) Sumatra Dark Roast ‘Black Satin.’ Smooth and earthy, with low acid, brown sugar notes, and a sweet, peppery finish. (5) Costa Rica Reserve: Medium-bodied brew with perfectly balanced flavor and an enticing aroma. (6) India Monsooned Malabar: Medium roast produces a top-grade brew known for its well-balanced body, subtle acidity, mellow flavor, and unforgettable aroma.

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